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Before this course, I attempted to start a blog three times over the past year. I am passionate about the medical field and how new technologies and discoveries can aid the evolution of the field. I follow many blogs about these topics; I wanted to join the conversation in a meaningful way. After reading a few books about blogging, I decided to start with a WordPress blog. Last summer I began the blog with vigor, yet, WordPress felt so complex that I spent more time attempting to discover how to navigate this tool than adding content to my blog. I lost motivation, and when the semester began, it became easier to find excuses why not to write blog posts. Occasionally, I would find a burst of energy to attempt to start up the blog again, but it would quickly fade away.

Which brings me to this course. I had never taken a writing course at Rutgers, and as a senior, this is my last chance to take advantage of the guidance that such a course offers. My goal is to create a blogging habit. As a science student, the chances to write about an opinion are nearly nonexistent. I would like my blog to serve as a creative outlet, a platform for me to post my opinions about the medical field, medical technology, and society from the medical perspective. If my opinions attract readers, that would be a bonus.