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Prior to this class, the thought of personally blogging has never actually crossed my mind.  I know the main concepts of a blog are usually for one  to express their feelings on opinions on certain issues or topics.  Some people use blogs to share ideas, tips, life hacks etc.  I understand a blog as being a way to voice your thoughts to other people through the internet.

I have read some blogs here and there but never followed one religiously.  In fact, I am not very in tune with internet.  I do feel I should be though, giving that technology and constant contact is such a big part of our world today.  I had a wordpress account with one of m classes last year, but I never really got the hang of navigating the source, therefor making the task of posting something on our class blog very stressful for me at the time.

I already have a better understanding of wordpress after going through it for one class though, I do have to say.  For my personal blog, I am pretty stumped on what I am going to write about. But I brainstormed a bit and I came up with three ideas:

1. I love reading books that were turned into movies.  I could blog about the comparison of different books to their respectful movie, trying to spare as many spoilers as possible, of course.

2.  Since I have never learned how to cook, and have never turned out a super successful meal when I have attempted to, I was considering killing two birds with one stone.  I could teach myself how to cook while blogging about my recipes, and experiences (whether they be god or bad) all at the same time.

3. I enjoy travelling to different cities for different occasions/events.  I could blog about this, but I work every weekend, so once I run out of places I have already been to, this one will probably become too difficult to last the entire semester.