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Before enrolling in this course, I didn’t know what wordpress was or it even existed. When I started blogging, I started blogging with tumblr. I honestly would say that I love blogging via tumblr because you could private posts, but still get them out of your chest. At first, I thought blogging was just reposting pictures and having a lot of followers. But as time went on, I started to blog about my problems or any problems in general that I came across. Blogging was a tool that I utilized to talk to my friends back in Dallas, Texas. Even if we were miles away, they would know what I did on that day because of my blog. Blogging is a powerful web tool. It is accessible to not only your friends, but also the whole world. Therefore, it just made me realize that one has to be careful of what he or she says because there’s a vast audience reading your blogs. Some of my classes in high school would get excerpts from blogs which made me realize how useful and informative blogs are. The subjects in blogs range from one end of the spectrum to another. It can literally be about anything-food, animals, planets, and etc. The content in blogs could incite disagreements, agreements, anger, peace, or etc. Although people think that blogging has to involve words, I beg to differ. I feel like picture blogs are still blogs because with one picture I could convey the different meanings, the feelings, and the thought process.