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Before enrolling in this class I did not have a vast knowledge of blogging, I would say I knew the absolute basics. I had watched “Julie and Julia” and knew that people had been “discovered” through blogging. I knew that blogs were a medium in which one could write about a topic and share their thoughts with readers online. I knew there were different platforms to choose from such as Blogger and WordPress, along with many others.  I also knew that in the digital age blogging has become an ever changing and growing literary platform. Blogging can be used by and reach anyone. Authors use it to keep their fans in the know and excited about up coming publications. Musicians use it to share their creative process with their followers. Foodies use it to share recipes, gluten free or not. Mom’s use it to share tips and tears. Literary hopefuls use it in hopes of being discovered. And still others use blogging as a sort of online journal. The great thing about blogging is if you can think it there is most likely a blog about it. The stuff that has always confused me about blogging is the technical stuff. I’ve never known how one would go about increasing their following or getting noticed by people that could actually influence change in your life. Really all I know about blogging is how to read and follow one, after that I’m a bit lost. But in an age that is continually becoming more digital I figured if I want to be in the literary world I better learn how to blog at some point and so why not now.