Prior to this class, I’ve had my own tumblr blog since 2010. I loved the openness and creativity of it – I tend to be a visual learner, so I liked the amount of control I had over the aesthetic. I tended to organize and post very strategically – I needed an equal amount of colored photos, black and white, text posts, gifs, transparent images, quotes, pictures of food, songs, etc. I was pretty devoted to it for a couple years, but as I got older and busier, I’ve become less attached and I rarely post on it or maintain it.

Since then, I’ve started a personal WordPress (which hopefully I’ll share with you all someday) to expand my writing. I’ve always loved creative writing, and my blog also serves as an outlet to continue and expand my writing skills. It is less restrictive than a class, especially as journalism courses have specific rules about brevity that don’t typically allow descriptive language. I finally had the courage to share it publicly with my friends and family about a year ago, and thankfully the response has been all positive.

As far as topics go, I think my top choice would be music. I’m constantly having so many interesting experiences with music – from attending shows and festivals to my internships and part time job with CBS Radio – that I think I’d always have something to say. Also, I have extremely diverse tastes and I’d love to talk more about them and hopefully relate to people who share similar tastes with me. Another topic could be my artistic hobbies. I love dancing, crafting, and baking (particularly the decorating aspect). I’m always looking for new artsy projects or recipes to try in my free time, and it helps me relax. Lastly, a third potential topic is health and fitness. I’ve always been involved in sports and dance, but only recently am I really starting to invest myself in becoming fit and maintaining a consistent routine. I think that could be something engaging to follow.