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Before this class, I had never used wordpress. I had heard of wordpress but by then I already had my own personal tumblr and was too lazy to create yet another account for another form of social media. I update my tumblr almost daily before I sleep. I have a public account that I use to reblog pictures and quotes as well as a personal blog that I use to write about my life, thoughts, emotions, etc. Originally, I only had one tumblr account where I would write about my feelings and thoughts but as time went on, more people I knew in real life started following my tumblr. For me, tumblr was a private place where no one knew me and essentially I could write whatever I want. However, after people I knew started following me, I had to start a new blog because sharing my personal thoughts with people I actually knew made me feel extremely vulnerable and subject to judgement. Because of my experience with tumblr (around 3 years now) I know some of the basic things about blogging such as tagging, archives, html, queue-ing, reblogging, etc. However, I never thought that a topic such as blogging would be the focus of a real course at Rutgers. Personally, I love to blog and love to read other people’s blogs. I am looking forward to learning even more about blogging from this class than I already know because it is becoming a more popular medium for people to share their thoughts and opinions. For the wordpress blog I started in this class, I have a few ideas of what I want to focus on. First, I was thinking of writing about the changing role of nurses in modern society, as I am studying to become a nurse myself and would like to know more about the professional side of nursing. Or, I might start a fitness blog because I love to work out and am super interested in learning more about dieting and exercising. Last, I am thinking about possibly creating a blog of song/album reviews because I listen to many different types of artists and I love to explore new music, so a music blog would definitely be interesting to me.