Hi everyone! My name is Justin Wong I’m from the West Windsor Plainsboro District High School South

Here’s a photo !


Right now, I really enjoy hanging out with my friends whenever I get the chance but now that classes are starting it’s going to be a bit more difficult. I usually like playing pool around the campuses because every area seems to have a pool table and I love the physics and geometry elements of the game so I play whenever I get the chance. I also love playing any kind of party games (No DRINKING GAMES) like board games, playing card games, video games, etc.. In my opinion, playing games is an awesome way to meet people as well as have a great time and relax.

In terms of music I pretty much like all kinds and I don’t have a particular absolute favorite artist, band, or type of music. I honestly just listen to whatever is hot and speaking of which I recently got hooked on this song from a youtube video I saw called “Rather Be” (i’m sure everyone has heard this song by now) and I can’t get it out of my head!!! So now I need to binge listen to it 24/7 until I get sick of it. If you haven’t heard the song before go listen to it now! Here’s the link to the song lyric video

Rather Be

Oh and I also really love the game Super Smash Brothers Melee I just had to slip it in here somewhere!!!!

I currently do not know what I will be majoring in but I’m thinking about/slightly leaning towards maybe computer science or some form of nutritional health/ food science area. So for the most part I’m just trying to complete my SAS core requirements for now until I decide what my major will be.