Hello! My name is Seyvona, but you can call me Sey if that seems like a mouthful. Seyvona originated from the idea that my parents had to combine their names when it came down to them needing a name for me. I am the youngest of two, and my sister also attends Rutgers University. My sister is a senior here studying Political Science and I am a sophomore in the business school. My major is not declared yet, and I have no idea what I will be doing with my life in three years, but I am okay with that.

There are three things everyone needs to know about me in order to figure out the kind of person I am:

1. My socks never match (except for today) because I don’t really see the point

2. I love Sour Patch Kids more than anything in this world

3. I am a Boston Celtics fan, and Rajon Rondo’s number one fan

I am not to sure what those three facts say about me, but whenever I introduce myself to large groups or have to tell a fun fact, I use one of those.

IMG_2510This summer was one of the best summer’s I had. I was not heavily involved with organizations at Rutgers during my freshman year, but what stood out to me was New Student Orientation. I spent this summer welcoming the 6,000 incoming freshman to Rutgers as an orientation leader and it was the best job I could ever have. I am not one who likes to sit behind desks and do busy work, because I’ve done that and been miserable. I like to be active in my work, and my summer job was perfect for me. You can learn more at the New Student Orientation website.

My parents are Jamaican, and most of my extended family lives in Jamaica. Ending the summer, I was able to go to Jamaica and see all of my family.  It had been five years since I had last been and I forgot how hot that sun was.

Now that I am back at school and heading to classes, I need to snap out of summer mode, but I’m ready to conquer this school year and complete the goals I have set out for myself.

My name is Seyvona, but you can call me Sey.