Dan Park.

My passions are music, film, and writing. I love the way each of these things make me feel and my dream is to translate that feeling to whoever’s willing to: listen, watch, and read. Here is one of my song’s that I covered on my spare time.

“Say Something”

These “passions” may paint me a certain way, but what you see is not really what you get. These are more of my discrete passions that underly me as a person. I also enjoy the hobbies that are seemingly on the complete opposite aspect of the spectrum. I love lifting, playing basketball, and business/fashion. I am currently trying to start an apparel company. It is definitely a long process trying to fund this project, but on upon receiving feed back from friends and family I think my clothing designs and ideas could do very well. Here is a picture of the most beautiful/sexy model, modeling one of my t-shirts (I was just kidding about the beautiful/sexy part). Also…please don’t steal my t-shirt ideas.

Tammy Apparel

-Model: Dan Park

Other than hobbies and things I want to do in the future, I am a very family oriented and religious person. I love my three younger siblings and have the utmost respect and love for my parents. I also go to church because I am Christian. This is not to say I’m a perfect human being or that I strive to be, but just my beliefs that make me who I am today.