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Nice to meet you.

I’m a senior here at Rutgers, majoring in genetics. One of the more interesting facts about me is that I’m an immigrant. I was born in Mykolaev (or Nikolaev), Ukraine. My extended family is scattered across the European continent, and a concentration of Aunts and Cousins live in Israel and Lebanon. While I have never returned to my birth town, my identity has been strongly influenced by my family’s roots. I speak Russian fluently, and tend to watch a lot of Ukrainian TV, eat Slavic foods, and listen to music from artists of the region.

As I mentioned earlier, my family is spread across Europe and the Middle East. Their diverse environments influence me to be open to new experiences. I love trying new foods, listening to new types of music, and traveling.

I also have a little brother. Nathan is 7 (and a half!) years old.

Valeriya's Brother

Valeriya’s Brother

Nathan likes to try new foods too. He’s a very large part of my life. We have a 12 year age difference, which is fairly unusual, but I prefer it that way. We’ve always been friends and sibling rivalry really can’t be an issue at our ages.