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Darlene profile picHi everyone, my name is Darlene Drum, I’m from South River, NJ, which is only ten minutes away from New Brunswick.  I am starting my fifth year here at Rutgers University.  I am a history major and an art history minor but I only have one required class I have left to take, then I have to take a few classes just to make up credit from my early years where I had too much fun.  That is partially the reason why I am in this class.  I also decided to take this class because I love to read and write and I had taken a different creative writing class two years ago and I loved it.  I am also taking horticulture classes with the intentions of hopefully opening a florist one day.  I plan on going to Middlesex County College after I graduate to take more classes on it there and I am currently looking for a job at a florist.  I spent most of my summer working, teaching gymnastics, but when I have the opportunity I like to go to concerts and festivals with my friends.  This past summer we went to the Phish festival in Saratoga where we camped out for four days.  I also went to the Peach Music Festival in Sranton, PA where we saw one of The Allman Brothers last performances.  With my family I had travelled to Boston for the first time ever and fell in love with the city.  I would love to move there one day, not forever but temporarily.  I loved the quaintness and old vintage feeling of the city.  I am unsure what my personal blog will be about for this class but I most likely it will pertain to the different cities I enjoy visiting with my friends and family.  I am excited to see what everybody else is going to write about!