Nice to meet you. My name is Rocky and I’m currently a sophomore at Rutgers University with hopes of one day becoming a child psychiatrist. Although I’m enrolled in the Business School, I’m taking a bunch of science classes this semester and I think I may switch to Cell Biology and Neuroscience or Psychology if all goes well in my intro courses this year.

dsc05305I’ve been blogging since January of 2013 and I thought taking a blogging class at Rutgers would be a great way to expand my knowledge of the blogosphere. I’m always looking for things that will inspire my next post. Plus, when I was registering for my courses, I thought this class would be a fun way to meet other people in real life who share a similar hobby.

My interests include drawing, reading, traveling, writing, and solving puzzles. I’m a pretty laid back guy who enjoys the simple things in life. A lot of weird things tend to happen to me which is what originally pushed me to start my own blog. I thought it would be interesting to share some of my stories with the rest of the world which is exactly what the act of blogging has allowed me to do ever since.